Investing in exceptional entrepreneurs

We back exceptional HR Technology entrepreneurs with big visions by providing capital, access to our network, and expert mentors to help grow scalable businesses. Our portfolio companies benefit from our hands-on involvement in all stages of development, leveraging our industry relationships and expertise to help grow great companies and build great products.


Seed capital for the HR Technology sector

We are early-stage investors and look to strike a balance between traction and a favourable valuation, typically investing in pre-seed and seed rounds with technology companies that we believe have the potential to disrupt the Human Capital technology sector on a global scale. Our strategy is to source off-market opportunities through our founder network and take early risk in businesses, investing where we can add significant value through applying and sharing the combined experience that our team has in founding, scaling and exiting companies.


Thematic Venture Capital

There is a growing awareness that technology will change the labour market of the future as the work performed by machines and algorithms and the work completed by humans fundamentally changes. We believe this change provides an opportunity for companies to expand labour productivity across industries, and to shift the axis of competition from a focus on automation-based labour cost reduction to an ability to leverage technologies as tools to complement and enhance human labour. Two core themes guide our investment activity;

1 – Human capital analytics – Innovative digital technologies that produce next-generation business intelligence to drive business value and competitive advantage.

2 – The future of work – Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive technologies that have a profound impact on jobs, the labour market and the workplace.


Considering HR Technology Investments?

We help our investors identify high-growth investment opportunities before the competition. Contact us to find out more and to arrange a confidential discussion.