A Sector Focused Venture Fund

Cabot Global Investments is a private partnership of investors, industry experts, and experienced entrepreneurs that pool capital, networks and expertise to back early-stage companies with the potential to deliver venture-class returns. Our portfolio companies benefit from our hands on involvement in all stages of development, leveraging our extensive network of industry relationships and expertise to help grow great companies and build great products.


We are early stage investors and look to strike a balance between traction and a favourable valuation. We typically invest in initial rounds of less than £250K with technology companies that we believe have the potential to disrupt the Human Capital technology sector on a global scale.


Our strategy is to source off-market opportunities through our founder network and take early risk in businesses, investing where we can add significant value through applying and sharing the combined experience that our team has in founding, building and exiting companies.



We invest in two strategically targeted sectors where we have deep investment and industry expertise.

  1. HUMAN CAPITAL ANALYTICS - As the world becomes increasingly data driven we believe human capital analytics will be pivotal in the future of the HR function, providing a huge opportunity for organisations to proactively utlise their people data to predict and simulate future outcomes and make data based decisions that drive business growth.

  2. THE FUTURE OF WORK - Task automation, digital platforms, and other technological innovations including artificial intelligences is fundamentally changing the nature of work. The rapid pace of change offers unparalleled opportunities for organisations to create positive change and to start to build purpose-driven organisations that prioritise people alongside profit.

Investment Criteria


STAGE FOCUS - Pre-Seed or Seed stage with demonstrable traction

BUSINESS MODELS - Highly scalable SaaS businesses with product, process or price point differentiation

TEAMS - Exceptional founding management teams with a track record of success

TARGET MARKETS - Large addressable market with focus on a global opportunity.



Seeking capital investment?

Our sector focus and extensive network have made us the destination of choice for HR technology entrepreneurs as they choose investors to support them on their journey.