Here is a selection of business updates and sector news including major investments, exits, trends and country comparisons.

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Venture backed exits

Europe closed the gap on the US in terms of exits of venture backed companies. The UK saw $40 billion in exits from venture-backed companies, during 2018 – higher than any other European country.

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European VC Investment 2018

London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency report showing how investment in the UK and London compare to other European countries.

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What’s changed for European tech in the past 12 months?

The annual State of European Tech report - the single, most comprehensive data-driven story of European technology.

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European Early Stage funding

An insightful analytical report on the reality of the early-stage funding journey from Seed to Series A in Europe.

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HR Tech Investment

Venture Capital and Private equity investment in the HR tech sector remains strong with Key macro trends underpinning HR innovation.

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European Venture Capital - Q3 2018

€6.1 billion was invested during Q3 2018, including four rounds valued over $1 billion. Venture-backed exits in 2018 are already at €85 billion, far ahead of 2017.

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European Venture Capital - Q2 2018

The big four (UK, Germany, France, Israel) continue to account for ~70% of investment by rounds and amount invested

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