We have a demonstrable track record of successfully accelerating and commercialising early-stage companies with breakthrough technologies.

All of the founding team have a background in the HR technology sector through previous experience as entrepreneurs, angel investors, and as consultants supporting global accelerator programs.

In addition to the founding team, we have a global network of HR Technology founders, providing access to off-market opportunities in geographies that are often underserved.

Andrew Grevett

London, UK

A successful HR technology entrepreneur, consultant and angel investor with over 12 years experience working with global teams on venture capital, private equity and M&A.

Simon Draper

London, UK

A serial entrepreneur with 18 years board level experience of software and SaaS development. Founded an award-winning employee benefit business which was acquired in 2019.

Mike Colonnese

Los Angeles, USA

A founder and investor with 10 years experience building companies and raising capital. Founded a student recruitment business which was acquired in 2018

Kenji Niwa

Tokyo, Japan

An entrepreneur and prolific angel investor focused on the HR Tech sector for the past 9 years. Founded a successful student internship business which was acquired in 2019.

Jeff Welstead

London, UK

A business advisor with 27 years leadership experience with Fortune 100 brands including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Accenture and Kantar Research.

Aleksey Mikhalev

London, UK

A venture capital analyst, with more than 11 years experience as an investment M&A lawyer, working on due diligence, deal structuring and contract negotiation.

Venture Capital Scout Program

We are actively seeking HR Technology entrepreneurs to extend our international reach and help us identify high-potential start-ups seeking investment. Contact us via the link below to find out more and to arrange a confidential discussion.